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What is AMA?

AMA stands for American Marketing Association. We are a non-profit organization intended to unite fellow marketers and marketing students to speak about and inform others on the what's new in the marketing industry around the world. We strive to shape the marketing industry and improve the skills and knowledge of fellow marketers. Our mission is to strive to be the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing around the world, an essential community for marketers. We host many informative events, speeches, and workshops in the Manchester, New Hampshire area. We are a large organization and are growing daily!


For more detailed information about AMA visit our "about us" page. On how to join, and to see our different membership offerings and benefits, visit our "membership page" or explore our Online Guide to AMA Membership Benefits. On our membership page we also have information for our international members, which we offer membership dues based on a global tiered World Bank "fair pricing" policy for every country around the world. For more information about upcoming or future events visit our "events dates" page. Want to make connections, network, or find possible job opportunites? Visit our "peer networking" page. Also visit our "publications" page to find a variety of articles and videos in the marketing Industry.